Special care

Sale -11%

Nutriplenish Multi-Use Hair Oil (All Hair Types) 30ml/1oz

US$ 55.20
US$ 62.40
A multi-purpose, nutrient-rich hair oil
Sale -4%

Color Conserve Conditioner

US$ 39.00
US$ 40.80
A plant-based conditioner for color-treated hair. Seals hair cuticles to help lock in color & shine. Prolongs hair color vibrant with pure organic...

Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer (Solutions For Thinning Hair) 150ml/5oz

US$ 93.00
An invigorating & revitalizing treatment for scalp
Sale -2%

SP Balance Scalp Mask (Gently Cares For Scalp and Hair)

US$ 49.20
US$ 50.40
An intense balancing treatment mask for sensitive scalps
Sale -17%

PhytoCyane Anti-Hair Loss Reactional Treatment (For Woman) 12x5ml/0.16oz

US$ 43.80
US$ 52.80
An anti-hair loss treatment for women that slows down reactional hair loss
Sale -15%

Elements Purifying Pre Shampoo Clay 70ml/2.4oz

US$ 20.40
US$ 24.00
A pre-shampoo with the power of Kaolin clay
Sale -13%
Natural Beauty

NB-1 Amino Acid Shampoo (For Oily & Dandruff Hair) 300ml

US$ 41.40
US$ 48.00
A deep cleaning & refreshing shampoo for normal to oily hair
Sale -7%

Defy Damage Protective Conditioner (For Bond Strengthening & Color Longevity)

US$ 21.60
US$ 23.40
A protective & moisturizing conditioner
Sale -32%

Broad Spectrum Chelating Treatment 370ml/12.55oz

US$ 73.20
US$ 108.00
A chelating hair treatment that rebuilds hair simultaneously
Sale -24%

Luxury Black Seed Oil Black Seed Dry Oil 89ml/3oz

US$ 22.20
US$ 29.40
A nutrient-rich, lightweight hair oil treatment
Sale -1%

Authentic Moisturising Balm 150ml/5.07oz

US$ 33.00
US$ 33.60
A versatile moisturizing treatment for face, body & hair
Elvis + Elvin

Purifying Shampoo With Dead Sea Salt 240ml/8oz

US$ 51.00
A natural purifying shampoo
Sale -18%

Deep Brilliance Olive & Monoi Deep Protein Masque Strengthening Treatment...

US$ 18.60
US$ 22.80
A protein-packed, strengthening hair mask
Sale -18%
Rene Furterer

Solaire Sun Ritual Protective Summer Fluid (Hair Exposed To The Sun, Natural...

US$ 29.40
US$ 36.00
A protective & nourishing leave-in hair fluid
Sale -19%

Power Plus Root Booster Thickening Spray 177ml/6oz

US$ 24.60
US$ 30.60
A lightweight thickening hairspray
Sale -25%
Eleven Australia

3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment

US$ 27.00
US$ 36.00
A SOS repairing hair treatment
Sale -20%

SP Balance Scalp Mask (For Scalp and Hair)

US$ 24.00
US$ 30.00
An intense balancing treatment mask for sensitive scalps
Sale -10%
Living Proof

Restore Perfecting Spray 236ml/8oz

US$ 35.40
US$ 39.60
A conditioning & detangling hairspray

Wash Day Wonder (Pre-Cleanse Slip Detangler - For All Curl Types)

US$ 40.20
A silky, lightweight pre-cleanse detangler

Volumizing Therapy Conditioner

US$ 12.00
A silk infused volumizing conditioner
Sale -17%

Hair Care Essence 160ml/5.3oz

US$ 50.40
US$ 61.20
An anti-hair loss treatment essence
Sale -8%

Specifique Masque Hydra-Apaisant Renewing Cream Gel Treatment (Scalp and Hair)

US$ 70.20
US$ 76.80
An in-depth, silicon-free scalp treatment
Sale -25%
Macadamia Natural Oil

Professional Nourishing Repair Conditioner (Medium to Coarse Textures)

US$ 23.40
US$ 31.20
A nourishing, hydrating & replenishing conditioner
Sale -14%

Jemile Fran Beautifying Treatment - Juicy & Glossy 180g/6.3oz

US$ 25.80
US$ 30.00
A moisturizing & replenishing hair treatment for coarse hair
Sale -32%

Professionnel Serie Expert - Blondifier Acai Polyphenols Resurfacing and...

US$ 34.20
US$ 50.40
A professional nourishing mask for all blonde hair
50 Megumi

Men Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo Cool 350ml

US$ 31.80
A gentle, cooling & anti-hair loss shampoo for men

Shampoo For Beautiful Color

US$ 57.60
A superb-mild, restorative shampoo to prolong the life of color-treated hair
Sale -12%

Resistance Force Architecte Reconstructing Masque (For Brittle, Very Damaged...

US$ 115.20
US$ 132.00
A hair-rebuilding & reinforcing treatment masque

Transformation System Phase 2 - Bonder Formula C (For Highlighted/Porous/Fine...

US$ 36.60
A revolutionary transforming hair treatment
Paul Mitchell

Super Skinny Relaxing Balm (Smoothes Texture - Lightweight) 200ml/6.8oz

US$ 37.20
Formulated with Super Skinny Complex that displaces water & constricts hair
Sale -36%

8 Seconds Salon Super Mild Hair Mask

US$ 13.80
US$ 21.60
A vegan hair treatment that works in just 8 seconds for sensitive & weak scalp
Sale -34%

Catwalk Fashionista Violet Conditioner (For Blondes and Highlights) 250ml/8.45oz

US$ 17.40
US$ 26.40
A sulfate-free conditioner for blondes, highlights & non-pigmented hair
Sale -11%
Bumble and Bumble

Bb. Curl Butter Mask (For Lush, Hydrated, Perky Curls) 150ml/5oz

US$ 45.60
US$ 51.60
A deeply moisturizing treatment for the thirstiest curls

Argan Oil Hair Treatment Sheer Gloss 60ml/2oz

US$ 15.00
A hair treatment oil that adds superior shine to hair

Argan Oil Ex Hair Treatment Mask 220g

US$ 15.00
A nourishing & smoothing hair treatment mask
Sale -5%
Sebastian Professional

Penetraitt Masque 500ml/16.9oz

US$ 47.40
US$ 50.40
A hair strengthening mask that provides deep repair to weak hair

Genesis Masque Reconstituant Anti Hair-Fall Intense Fortifying Masque...

US$ 122.40
An anti hair-fall intense fortifying masque for weakened hair, prone to falling due to breakage

Leave-In.Repair (Nourishing Leave-In Treatment) 200ml/6.7oz

US$ 58.20
A nourishing & repairing leave-in treatment
Sale -23%
Living Proof

Restore Shampoo (Reverses Damaged Hair) 236ml/8oz

US$ 31.20
US$ 40.80
A restorative shampoo for dry or damaged hair
Sale -8%

Dry Remedy Daily Moisturizing Oil (For Dry, Brittle Hair and Ends) 30ml/1oz

US$ 47.40
US$ 51.60
A hydrating leave-in oil treatment for dry, brittle hair

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