Serum & Concentrates


Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

US$ 131.40
A highly-concentrated, anti-aging facial essence
Sale -6%

Hydro Sensation Serum With Algae & Hyaluronic Acids 30ml/1oz

US$ 40.20
US$ 43.20
An effective moisturizing facial serum
Sale -7%

Renergie H.C.F. Triple Serum - High-Performance Anti-Aging Concentrate...

US$ 149.40
US$ 162.00
A powerful anti-aging facial concentrate inspired by regenerative skincare sciences
Sale -4%

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate (Salon Size; Bottle) 118ml/4oz

US$ 138.00
US$ 144.00
A highly-concentrated calming serum
Sale -29%

Moisture Surge Hydrating Supercharged Concentrate 48ml/1.6oz

US$ 39.00
US$ 55.20
A supercharged water-gel facial hydrator
Sale -27%

Elixir Des Glaciers Serum Precieux Votre Visage - Swiss Poly-Active Essence...

US$ 594.00
US$ 816.00
Contains a formula of Elixirs des Glaciers
Sale -19%
18.21 Man Made

Beard, Hair and Skin Oil - # Absolute Mahogany 60ml/2oz

US$ 27.00
US$ 33.60
Beard, Hair and Skin Oil

Anti Pigment Skin Perfecting Serum 30ml

US$ 66.00
A clinically tested, skin perfecting & anti-spot serum
Sale -3%
For Beloved One

Water Pay Glowing Hydro Serum

US$ 46.20
US$ 48.00
Water Pay Glowing Hydro Serum

Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum 30ml/1.01oz

US$ 215.40
A gentle, refreshing & hydrating facial serum
Dr. Barbara Sturm

Lifting Serum 30ml/1.01oz

US$ 361.20
A groundbreaking lifting facial serum
Sale -5%

Dermatologist Solutions Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate (With...

US$ 88.80
US$ 93.60
A high-potency anti-aging facial serum
Sale -13%

CERAMIDES Pure Serum 10% Repairing Booster 10ml/0.34oz

US$ 34.20
US$ 39.60
A concentrated booster that hydrates & strengthens skin
Sale -7%

Doctor Babor Pro A Retinol Concentrate 30ml/1oz

US$ 178.20
US$ 192.00
A supercharged age-defying facial concentrate
Sale -10%

VITAMIN A Pure Serum - Anti-Wrinkle 10ml/0.34oz

US$ 34.20
US$ 38.40
A pure, targeted & anti-wrinkle facial serum
Sale -7%
Christian Dior

Prestige Le Nectar Exceptional Regenerating Serum 30ml/1oz

US$ 538.20
US$ 582.00
A powerful, highly concentrated anti-aging facial serum

Even Better Clinical Radical Dark Spot Corrector + Interrupter

US$ 74.40
A clinical-strength, dual-chamber anti-dark spot serum Powered by CL-302 complex proven to reverse the appearance of dark spots & blemish marks
Sale -31%
La Colline

NativAge - Le Serum 50ml/1.7oz

US$ 503.40
US$ 730.80
An active-rich, skin regenerating facial serum

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate

US$ 81.00
A highly-concentrated calming serum with exclusive UltraCalming™ Complex. Helps lessen sensitivity, redness, irritation, and inflammation....
Sale -7%
Natura Bisse

Stabilizing Anti-aging Concentrate 30ml/1oz

US$ 127.80
US$ 138.00
A retinol-like, firming & oil controlling facial serum
Sale -3%

LumaPro-C Skin Brightening Pigment Corrector 30ml/1oz

US$ 172.20
US$ 178.80
A targeted pigment correcting facial serum
Sale -2%

Abeille Royale Double R Renew & Repair Serum

US$ 205.20
US$ 210.00
A facial serum that supports aging skin with its high potency. The soft-peel formula provides a "new skin" effect and promotes the renewal cycle of...

Urban Veil Anti-Stress Adaptogen Powder 10g/0.35oz

US$ 30.00
A powder treatment for stressed out skin concerns like redness, sensitivity, irritation, dryness & visible signs of stress-induced aging

Multi Correxion Hydrate & Plump Serum Capsules 30Caps

US$ 40.20
Hydrating, plumping & 100% biodegradable capsules

Hydra Beauty Micro Serum Intense Replenishing Hydration

US$ 208.80
A lightweight, highly-hydrating facial serum formulated with Camellia Alba OFA (Camellia Oil Extract) and Blue Ginger PFA (Powerful Antioxidant)....
Sale -26%
Peter Thomas Roth

FIRMx Collagen Serum 30ml/1oz

US$ 87.00
US$ 118.80
Powered by three forms of collagen: Marine Collagen, Plant Collagen & Hydrolyzed Collagen

Balancing White Clear Essence 30ml/1oz

US$ 150.60
A powerful medicated whitening facial essence
Augustinus Bader

The Serum with TFC8 30ml/1oz

US$ 483.00
An age-defying, botanical-based facial serum
Sale -19%

Hydra 3 Regenetic Serum 30ml/1oz

US$ 330.00
US$ 408.00
A groundbreaking, intensely nourishing facial gel-serum for very dry skin
Mario Badescu

Vitamin C Serum - For All Skin Types 29ml/1oz

US$ 68.40
A brightening & hydrating facial serum
Sale -40%

Supremya 50ml/1.7oz

US$ 636.00
US$ 1074.00
Merges the comfort of a night cream with the concentration of a serum
Sale -32%
Annemarie Borlind

Anti-Pollution & Moisture Serum - For Dehydrated Skin 30ml/1.01oz

US$ 41.40
US$ 61.20
A moisturizing, protecting & strengthening facial serum for dehydrated skin
Sale -3%
La Prairie

Platinum Rare Cellular Night Elixir 20ml/0.68oz

US$ 1698.00
US$ 1752.00
A high-potency rejuvenating night serum
Sale -20%

Green Tea Bancha Oil 100ml/3.3oz

US$ 48.60
US$ 61.20
A multi-purpose nourishing & illuminating oil for the face, body & hair
Sale -16%

Wrinkle Revenge Ultimate Hyaluronic Serum 30ml/1oz

US$ 68.40
US$ 81.60
An intensely hydrating face serum

Tulasara Aroma Infusion - Clarify (Professional Product) 30ml/1oz

US$ 54.60
An aromatic clarifying oil treatment
Sale -18%

Unless Acids (Cream + Mist, Gentle Exfoliating) (For Combination &...

US$ 49.20
US$ 60.00
Bi-phase formula combines the properties of a cream with a gel
Sale -23%
Bye Bye Blemish

Skin Rescue Serum 30ml/1oz

US$ 13.80
US$ 18.00
A balancing, moisturizing & softening rescue facial serum for oily skin
Sale -52%

Detoxifying Anti-Free Radical Youth Serum (Salon Size)

US$ 49.20
US$ 104.40
An advanced detoxifying & rejuvenating facial serum

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